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Echo Enrichment Center Pre-Summer 2018


Pre-Summer 2018 Registration

Curious About What We Do In Summer Session?

Looking For A Couple Of Extra Days Until Older Kids Are Out?

Make Your Own Schedule During These Pre-Summer Days

~Select your day or days

~Day runs from 9am-2pm

~Pack a peanut free lunch/drink to enjoy at noon

~We provide morning snack and drink

~Summer Themed Activities Daily Including The Outdoors

~$35 per day

Days Available:

Thur. June 28_____ Fri. June 29______

Thur. July 5______ Fri.July 6________

number of days____x $35 =__________total due

Payment Due At The Time Of Registration. Make Checks Payable To Echo Enrichment Center

14 Lexington Street Burlington MA 01803

Child’s Name_________________________________________________Age__________


Home #___________________________________________cell #____________________

Allergies_________________________________________Epi-Pen ?__________________