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Field Trip Permission Form
Summer 2018
Our goal is to provide the children a fun summer of learning. We also want to ensure the care and safety of all involved on our trips away from the center. We will always provide sufficient child staff ratios. The youngest participants will always hold the hand of a staff person. Older children will walk holding hands in groups of 3-4 with a staff person as well.  Each week, we will post trip details on our door and in the welcome letter. Please sign one permission slip per child and include it in the registration.
Please direct any questions about the trips to Mary Ann. Thanks!

Trip Locations:
~Burlington Library                   ~Town Common
~Simond’s Park                         ~ Fire Station
~Police Station                         ~Post Office

By signing below, you give permission for your child to visit the above mentioned locations. We will always give advance notice of all trips out and about with locations, departure times and return times. Please sign below and return with your summer registration.

I give permission for my child_________________________
to participate in any and all of the walking trips outlined above. 



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